DrugFAM BBC Radio 4 Appeal

DrugFAM patron Sir Anthony Seldon made a BBC Radio 4 appeal on our behalf Sunday 5 June 2022, to be broadcast again at 3:27pm this Thursday 9 June.
The Radio 4 appeal can be found on the Radio 4 website.
Please tune in, listen and donate!

Sharon’s Story

The BBC Radio 4 broadcast centres around the story of Sharon, a DrugFAM client. A single mother with a demanding office job, whose two sons were addicted to cocaine. She felt scared, worried and ashamed. She was losing weight, couldn’t sleep and was running out of money from paying off her sons’ debts. In her own words, she was on her knees. Urged by her boss, Sharon called the DrugFAM helpline. She was listened to and reassured with understanding, empathy and a complete lack of judgement. Her sense of relief was instant. Soon after, Sharon joined a DrugFAM support group where she has been able to share with and learn from others in similar situations. Sharon now feels able to cope and look after herself.

Please watch this short video from Our Patron – the actress, Emilia Fox

What We Do

We provide a seven day a week lifeline of safe, caring and professional support to families, friends, partners and significant others who are struggling to cope with the nightmare of a loved one’s addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling. We also support those bereaved by drugs, alcohol, gambling and related causes.

Through our range of services, which also include education and awareness, we support families to break free from the cycle of addiction and rebuild their lives. We are dedicated to what we do because we know it makes a difference.

Thank you for finding us, we are here for you.

Elizabeth Burton-Phillips MBE, Founder of DrugFAM, Trustee and full-time volunteer Bereavement Support Worker.



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