How We Help

Our core purpose at DrugFAM is to ensure that families affected by a loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol are understood, educated and supported. In such difficult circumstances we passionately believe that no family members, friends or carers should be left in isolation, fear and ignorance of any local & national support.

Providing support groups is at the heart of what we do at DrugFAM and those who attend our groups tell us that they find the support they receive from our trained facilitators, and more importantly the other attendees, invaluable in dealing with their family situation. DrugFAM has a range of other services too that can have enormous benefits in terms of physical and emotional well being for individuals as well as improving lives for troubled families.

The safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults is of paramount importance to DrugFAM.  If you disclose information which we believe gives us grounds for concern about a child or adult’s welfare, we will discuss this with you and identify a way to take this forward.  This may include sharing information with relevant agencies.